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The musician Thomas Anders presents the “Anders Grauburgunder” from St. Antony

Thomas Anders is at home in Koblenz, where the rivers Rhine and Moselle flow together. So a close relationship with wine in the truest sense of the word is obvious. Together with winemaker Dirk Würtz, the managing partner of the St. Antony winery in Nierstein, Thomas Anders is now presenting his first wine. Young, fresh, accessible: the “Anders Grauburgunder” matches the musician’s preferences. The wine is available from March 25, 2022 for EUR 9.50 per bottle at and elsewhere.

“This wine meets my taste exactly. I love lively, fresh white wines that are simply fun to drink,” says the internationally successful Modern Talking star, who now tops the charts with German-language music.

With winemaker Dirk Würtz and wine lover Thomas Anders, two men have found each other who combine lifestyle and joy of life with a love of craftsmanship, enjoyment and tradition. For both, wine means home, culture, lifestyle and nature. Over the past few months, they have been working together on their joint wine project. Thomas Anders was also on site during harvest time and gained an insight into the working world of a winemaker. “I have great respect for the dedication and passion shown here,” says Anders.

“However, the wine should come to our table in a short way.” For Thomas Anders, German wine is not only an expression of lifestyle and joie de vivre, it’s also good for the ecological conscience: “If you’re serious about climate and environmental protection, you’ll do without products that are transported thousands of kilometers when there are just as good or even better products right on your doorstep.”

The extra for fans

The white wine from Rheinhessen is not a merchandising item. Thomas Anders attaches great importance to this. “Viticulture is a high art. In addition to diligence and expertise It takes a lot of patience, humility and heart and soul,” he says. ”

Wine is therefore more than a beverage for me. It conveys an attitude to life that one likes to share with others. Because wine tastes best in company. Our Pinot Gris is intended to give people pleasure while they sit together with friends and enjoy life with a glass of wine.”

An emotional added value for the Thomas Anders fans among wine lovers is provided by a QR code on the label. Information about the musician can be accessed via cell phone. There is also a link to his extensive musical library on the Spotify streaming service. Wine and music do belong together somehow.

Anders Wine

Anders Grauburgunder (
Alkohol 12% vol., Säure 6,3, Restzucker 7,2.